I hear it every single time I get on a discovery call:

“So, how does this work?” or “I have SO MANY THINGS I don’t even know what to hand off first, or how to describe them to you so that it’s up to par or BETTER than what I produce on my own.” 


I get it… handing over even a tiny particle of your business is terrifying - it’s your baby! 


BUT, how can you ever expect to grow when you are completely wrapped up in your business ALL THE TIME? 


This is what you’re giving up by doing it the lone-wolf way: 

  • Energy - If you’re reading this, I know you,  you’re exhausted!

  • Creativity - it dries up quick when you don’t have the time or brain space to explore new things

  • Freedom - There are just too many back-end pieces that need to keep moving, and they are either filling up the space you wish belonged to the work that makes your heart sing

  • Money - You know how to sell your big-ticket offerings, but, do you have the time? Not just the time to provide them, but also the time to set them up, handle tech trip-ups, and get them in front of the eyes you need like, at all times? Honey, you don't. 

  • Objectiveness: My long-time clients don’t move a muscle unless they’ve run their idea by me. Someone who is not 100% emotionally and psychologically glued to your business will be able to better see things from your ideal client’s perspective, and help you shape the messaging and delivery to be irresistible. 


When you have that thought... “UGH. I wish I could just snap my fingers…” and start thinking about how you might never have to do [insert crap you legit hate doing] you might think, “But, it’s not going to come out the way I need it to...” 


Let me tell you, when you have stellar support, it 100% can be done, and you could never imagine living without them. I’ve had clients from 10+ industries and it’s the same every. dang. time. 


I’ve had clients tell me “It’s like I wrote this myself, but the version of myself I actually like, not the one scrambling to get this done!” or “I had no idea how to visually convey that idea - your brain works in mysterious and incredible ways!” And I’m not tooting my own horn - what actually happened was that they were too close to their business to be objective, and couldn’t see the big picture or distill the main concept into a container. 


So - backtracking to that idea of “How do I even decide what to scrape off my plate, and what does the learning curve look like for the person who will take over these tasks?”



A guide to figuring out the parts of your business that have had enough of you, and need to get off your plate ASAP. What is smart to automate, streamline, delegate, and the few things best left for you to handle yourself.



to figure out exactly what you can afford to outsource RIGHT NOW 



We’ll review common outsourced tasks that every VA and OBM under the sun, regardless of who and what types of businesses they’ve worked with in the past, have handled and actually enjoy doing. How to get this info into their brilliant brains as quickly and effectively as possible will ensure a seamless transition and less time trying to explain how to do things after their time-tracker starts ticking.



These people don’t want you riding their behinds 24/7 - its not productive for either of you and can be a HUGE time suck on their end. When their time = your money, easy and effective communication is key. 



Components of your service agreement that should be included, and why! Take it from a girl whose seen it all… there are some very specific additions that you might have not considered. 

You'll Get:
for less than the cost of a pair of shoes...
Well, it's all here!

Your customizable workbook

save hours of training + correcting for

just $29


 which translates into hundreds, sometimes thousands, of $ 

but I'm sharing my processes with you for  just $29!

Perhaps the most value that you’ll get out of this - even if you decide you’re not 100% ready to outsource just yet - will be a complete picture of what your life, business, and growth plan will look like when you are ready. 

Get yours before june 15th...

and you'll receive a special link to book a

FREE 30-minute call with me!

We'll review your game plan, I will answer your questions, and we'll find new ways to maximize your time and budget!

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I'm Alina!

I’m a white glove Online Business + Event Manager who supports small business owners to tame their chaos through streamlining their backend and business processes so that they can go from overwhelmed and stressed to assured that they have everything in place to continue their momentum.
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