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I’m a white-glove Online Business + Event Manager who supports small business owners to tame their chaos through streamlining their backend and business processes so that they can go from overwhelmed and stressed to assured that they have everything in place to continue their momentum.

I have serviced clients from all backgrounds and industries - from Business & Life Coaching to Real Estate to Food & Beverage, and thrive on being able to grow these businesses past their current plateaus, make plans that turn ideas into reality, and carry those plans to fruition. 

I have a mind for systems and strategy, an eye for design, and the heart to care about your business just as much as you do!

Alone you can handle a lot, but with deep support, you can grow your business beyond what you ever thought was possible. 

Some of my most commonly requested 


  • Create, implement, manage and optimize online business systems, platforms + tools to include:

    • CRM Platforms + Systems

    • Content Platforms + Systems

    • Email Marketing Platforms + Systems

    • Task Management Platforms + Systems

    • Automation Tools

    • Booking + Scheduling Systems

    • Document Management Systems

  • Help you identify and set up new tools and technologies to run your business



  • Repurpose and organize content

  • Manage and optimize a content library

  • Create social media graphics and curate feed

  • images

  • Social media posting and engagement



  • Repurpose and format content to email marketing platforms + blog platforms

  • Create newsletter templates and blog post graphics

  • Set up automation and sequences



  • Co-create curated community postings, messages and announcements

  • Manage community engagement on an individual and group level


  • Create, manage and maintain a content library

  • Co-create content and execute content visibility strategies​



  • Create, manage, and execute launch timeline

  • Co-create and execute a digital marketing strategy



  • Manage client messages via email or client communication tool

  • Custom gift sourcing and execution



  • Event planning support and management to include:

    • Retreats

    • VIP Days

    • In-person Intensives

    • Conferences

    • Conventions



  • Create PDFs, workbooks and ebooks

  • Implement minor tweaks or changes to your existing website

  • Transcribe Podcasts, YouTube videos,

  • Facebook and Instagram Lives into copy

  • Establish or document Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Research potential clients and collaborators

  • Brainstorm and collaborate on ideas

  • Pitch your business to podcasts, influencers, magazines, other publications, and potential new clients

book a


Chances are... it's a bit more than you'd like. 

And you've come to the right place!


"Alina is my go-to person for things that I can't shift to anyone else on my team. She is fast, extremely detailed, offers great solutions, and I can trust her with high-level information. She has a talent for admin, marketing, graphics, and completely manages my CRM program. She is a vital member of my studio team."

- Katie Donzanti, Owner/Head Peacock - Peaceful Peacock Orlando Yoga Studio 

"Alina has been my VA for one year now, she is the best assistant I've ever had. She is the best at graphics! Helping business owners stay organized, social marketing systems, email campaigns, schedules. She clears all the detail admin stuff off my plate so I can do what I do best. You have to spend money to make money, and Alina pays off. She's a reliable, professional, friendly VA to have on your side."

- Tara Baldwin, Master Life Coach, Owner - BELIEVE Life Coaching

"Alina is amazing! She has done so much for my business. Take her up on her offer. It will transform the way you work."

- Meseydi Machado, Sales Manager, TCA Realty

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about working with Alina, and recommend her without any hesitation!"

- Ericka Garcia, Collaborative Justice Partners

"Alina and her services are a must for any business looking to maximize productivity and do it at an efficient cost!!!"

- Joe Webb, Sales Manager - Nationwide Equities Corporation

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Alina scarcella

Online business + Event Manager

Email: contact@alinascarcella.com 

Tel: 407-334-4286

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