I’ve been on client calls and in Slack channels since Corona broke and the #1 issue facing folks working from home now is that they’re quickly realizing how hard it is to manage all the things. 


Business, life, health, families...it’s A LOT and it’s probably feeling like you’re doing a mediocre job at them all instead of thriving despite this pandemic. You feel like you SHOULD be more productive because of all the time and fewer distractions and obligations you have.


And yet you don’t. You feel more overwhelmed than ever and while your 27 post-it notes, overflowing notebooks and haphazard Google calendar used to cut it, it’s not working anymore. 


Here’s the thing. I’ve been setting up and managing clients on task management platforms for 2 years. Having a simple but comprehensive task management solution is the KEY to surviving instead of burning out right now. But the best part? It’s also how you grow a business long-term. Because I don’t know a single 6-figure business owner who is still depending on post-its to run their business. 


This is the exact reason why, in light of the number of business owners who need better solutions to manage their business now more than ever, I’m offering a brand new service. 

Starting in April, I’ll be rolling out a

Task Management Setup Session

During our 60-minute training call, we’ll deep dive into the setup and optimization of the best task management platform for your business. I’ll consult with you around choosing the system, creating a process around using the system and then making this the thing that helps you work from home productively now and in the future. I will also be your white-glove Q+A service so you can take the guesswork out of using these complicated systems and actually make them easy for you.

What You'll Get: 

(60) minute LIVE 1:1 training call

(2) days of Slack access post-call to talk through the questions that will inevitably come up when you log back into your system

A recording of our call delivered straight to your inbox so you can reference our training anytime you need


You’ll leave our training call feeling confident that you can now work from your couch and keep your business running like a well-oiled machine without forgetting a thing, losing a post-it or missing an important deadline.


We’ll choose from one of the following platforms: ASANA, TRELLO, or MONDAY.COM. As a bonus, I'll let you in on my secrets of time-blocking, work from home best practices, and how to take control of your schedule to make you the most productive you've ever been!


Listen, I know you’re distracted. I know you’re trying to figure this whole thing out at home. And I know having a solid task management system will make the next 2-3 months exponentially better and easier for you. Because let’s be honest - we have no clue how long this is going to last.

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Interested in learning another skill or platform? 

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  • Graphic Design Made Easy - Canva, Ripl, Snappa
  • Scheduling & Automation - Acuity, Calendly, Hootsuite
  • Email Marketing - Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact