My Top 5 Tips for Working From Home

1. Know what tomorrow looks like before it happens!

Those who know me or have worked with me know that I live by my Google Calendar, and probably more importantly, my Task Management System. Part of my morning ritual is opening these two tools and laying out my day. I know exactly what needs to get done because whenever I get a new project or assignment, it gets loaded in with a due date. I cannot function without these systems – and if you’re wanting to add this to your new normal, I can help! CLICK HERE BEFORE APRIL 10!

2. Keep your work separate!

I found this out the hard way - but having a dedicated workspace while working from home is an absolute necessity. When first started working from home almost three years ago, as soon as my workday was over, I would simply grab my laptop, and continue from the couch, which is still working! By leaving everything related to work in one area of the house and closing the door when your workday is done, you’re doing yourself the same favor you used to when walking out of the workplace at the end of the day. #worklifebalance = #selfcare

3. Get Dressed!

I’m not saying you need to squeeze yourself into slacks or sweat it out in a blazer at home, staying cozy is one of my favorite parts of working from home! But believe me, the simple act of changing out of your PJs give your mind a big heads up that your day has officially started – a little subconscious nudge that you won’t get if you roll out of bed and attempt to immediately hit the ground running. Morning showers help too – and your imaginary coworkers appreciate it.

4. Pause twice a day!

Burnout can totally happen when in-person communication is sparse, and you’ve been sitting alone for hours on end. Schedule two 10-20 minute tech-free breaks in your day, not including lunch (that’s the long break). My favorite way to spend this time is out in my backyard, taking in the fresh air and watching my pup run around for a bit. Take a beat, get some air, and then get back to work refreshed and refocused. I recommend scheduling them after a long task or at a point where you can start something new, instead of coming back and trying to figure out where you left off in the middle of something.

5. Check your emails, texts, and DMs only 2-3 times per day!

Everyone I know agrees – emails are the biggest time-suck imaginable. It is so easy to hear that ding and put what you are doing on pause to reply to a simple email, then end up getting so off track that you’re now 40 minutes behind schedule. Coming from a person with 8 inboxes, trust me when I advise you work with your phone on silent (and preferably out of immediate reach), disable your desktop notifications for everything, and dedicate time in your schedule to go through what’s new in your inboxes.

Hope this helps! Post a comment and let me know what has worked for you or what you are still struggling with!