3 Easy Brain Hacks for Overcoming Burnout & Staying Motivated

Writing this today, on a Saturday morning, because I feel better. Let me clarify - I try SO HARD not to work on weekends, for my own sanity. But, sometimes that’s hard when unexpected things pop up during the week, as they always do!

This morning, I woke up much earlier than I deserved to, my brain frantic with anxiety over all of the things that got pushed out of their cozy little spots on my schedule and onto the weekend. This anxiety forced me up, straight to my coffee maker, and my eyes straight to my leftover to-do list from this past week.

Wait… it’s Saturday… just because I’m stuck at home (thanks Corona) doesn’t mean I don’t deserve my weekend. Okay. This isn’t fun anymore. If I built this business for myself, why is my flame 100% out? I need that fire back.

So, two hours later, it’s 8:30am and I’m ready to blow through these tasks, be in grateful service to my clients, and enjoy the rest of my weekend knowing that I am choosing my mindset, and being busy is a #BLESSING!

Here’s what I did to reignite myself:

1. Decluttered my workspace! I had, not even kidding, 5 EMPTY/DIRTY COFFEE CUPS on my desk. A reminder of the liquid fuel that gave me the boosts I needed while I was #inmyfeelings and not as productive as I could be. Into the dishwasher you go - just like my notebooks get closed, like my mess of cords and chargers gets untangled, and like my office-blankie gets thrown into the washing machine with the rest of my weekend laundry. Do I really need 30 of the same black pens taking up space on my desk - NO.

2. I planned something fun to break up my week. This one is definitely hard, but in #corona times, we get creative. I decided to start looking at lunch as a luxury, instead of the part of my day where I realize I’m behind, run into the kitchen to scarf down whatever sustenance is within reach, and bring it back to my office to continue. This morning, I mentally committed to taking that full hour in the middle of my day to really decompress.

Everyone who knows me personally knows I love to cook - especially complicated meals that take kind-of forever, because it gets my mind completely off stressful things for however long it takes. Then, the reward! When I make something incredible for my boyfriend and I or for a family dinner, I make extra for myself for lunch the next day. Decadent homemade pasta for a weekday lunch? YES PLEASE!

This week, I know I’m going to be crazy busy, so I did something crazy uncharacteristic and pre-ordered a fancy lunch from Ruth’s Chris to be delivered in the middle of my workday, in the middle of my workweek. Major #treatyourself moment - I’ll appreciate me later!

3. I asked for help! There are people that I have in my corner who are ready and willing to pick up things that give me time back to do what I do best! Things that don’t require tons of knowledge and intricate skills can 100% be shifted off your plate or, in my case, automated! I took a look at what happened last week that could totally be automated, and made a game plan to load that stuff up to handle itself throughout next week. There are people (hi, I’m Alina), and systems that can save you time and money - and the peace of mind knowing you have less pressure and more room for the unexpected is priceless. Side Note: My next blog will probably be about the many things that can be automated, so stay tuned)

And, that has been my Saturday Morning!

Though I did leave out a few things that I routinely do to keep my mindset fresh and productivity up when things get a bit stale and this whole thing doesn’t feel quite like a dream anymore:

  • Add something cool to your workspace to stimulate your senses. I LOVE pulling my diffuser or favorite candle into my office when I need a new sensory environment. Something this simple can shift your subconscious without being crazy distracting.

  • I grabbed my gratitude journal and reminded myself that it takes only 5 minutes first thing in the morning to come back to a practice that had helped me so much in the past, but had been in a drawer collecting dust recently. I used to leave this by my Keurig and use the time it takes to get my morning fuel to take a look around and remind myself why life is so good.

  • Refresh my schedule to come as close to ideal as possible, which I have a great system for, so that this doesn’t happen again and I can use my weekends exactly how they are intended to be used. If you’re curious how I do this - get in touch! It really does work, and the fact that a few leftover to-dos prompted me to write this long af blog should tell you something! :)

Happy weekend, friends! Let me know your thoughts!