Baldwin Park Realty

One of my favorite Sunday afternoon activities is driving around my neighborhood and visiting open houses, for fun. I know, weird right? I met Bobby Livera at an open house around the corner from mine, and he saw a need for an extra set of hands in his business. He had another open house that weekend, so I walked back home and started getting together some materials that he could use again and again... Read More

Metaspire Consulting

Business Coaching On Demand

I have loved every second of working with Nina Segura. Through planning her days, handling updates to her print  & digital material, and communicating with her clients, I have learned so much about what it feels like to have every day feel like Friday! Read More

The Peaceful Peacock

I've had the pleasure of working with Katie Donzanti, owner of The Peaceful Peacock yoga studio, since she opened her doors. Together we've brainstormed some great event ideas, social media contests, creative content for monthly newsletters, and ways to connect with our community through discount handouts and charity fundraisers.... Read More

BELIEVE Life Coaching

Working alongside Master Life Coach Tara Baldwin had been an eye-opening experience! There are so many benefits to Life Coaching that I never knew about, and delivering a seamless experience for her clients is a major way to make getting help and knowing that you have people in your corner easier than her they ever thought was possible.  I am proud to be woven into every aspect of her multiple streams, all the way down to the day-to-day details like scheduling, maintaining her client notes, and weekly newsletters. Read More

Calla Slimspa

Weight loss is hard, but at Calla, every appointment is exciting! The staff's positivity, energy, and humor about something that is so difficult for so many people are easily translated into relatable and interesting pieces for their clients to interact with...

Read More

La Femme du Fromage

There is never a dull moment at the East End Market! I have always loved the bustling environment and had been visiting for years before I came across an opening at La Femme Du Fromage, Orlando's premier specialty cheese and wine shop.... Read More