Metaspire Consulting

I have loved every second of working with Nina Segura. Through planning her days, handling updates to her print and digital marketing materials, and communicating with her clients, I have learned so much about what it feels like to have every day feel like Friday! 

Each day I learn so much about the difficulties that companies both big and small go through to make sure everyone is fully utilizing their unique strengths to achieve common goals. Though communicating directly with companies like American Express and Carnival Cruise lines, tweaking program material, and building a personal relationship with high-level professionals, I get to experience first-hand what it takes for all moving parts to stop, look at themselves, then back at each other and save their companies millions of dollars while being more productive, happy, and self-aware as ever. 

Since each program is tailored to the individual or team, each and every message, workshop, recap, and prospective call I make is thoughtful, specific, and educated. Nina's clients and fans are well assured that they are personally taken care of, and that's why they come back again and again. 

Together we have also created a community of women in high-level and executive positions who gather monthly in-person and online to connect and practice business-growing strategies based on Nina's book - Every Day is Friday: The ACCT Blueprint for Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Planning this breakfast and mastermind program has been extremely gratifying, and watching women come in with struggles and leave with solutions gives us hope that the world is transforming into a more diverse and inclusive place!