Imagine, from one day to the next...
  • The things that are sucking your time get streamlined or automated
  • That idea you have been sweeping under the rug because it seems too complicated finally gets planned and put in motion
  • The systems and programs you know you need become demystified and working for you to grow your business
Let's Get Real
There is so much information and so many buzzwords out there about how you should/could be running you business with more ease and flow, some of my personal favorites are: 



"sales funnels"

"freebie offers"




"Evergreen offers"


Are any of these in your "zone of genius?"

if the answer is a big fat no,

you're in the right place!

Look, I know you. I know that you started your business to do more of what you LOVE!
If, after spending countless hours trying to figure out how to make that actually come together in a way that is:
1. Easy for your ideal clients to give you their money on AND ALSO 
2. Easy for you to stay on top of,
you haven't fallen in love with systematizing and the whole back-end + tech setup of it all... why are you putting yourself through it? 
I'm excited to learn more about your "zone of genius," but until then, I'll tell you a little bit about mine. 
I've supported dozens of entrepreneurs and empire-builders to create systems that generate revenue while they are on vacation, deliver hot n' fresh leads directly to their appropriate offerings, and build out plans, timelines, and implementation processes that are as automated as possible so that they can focus on the parts of their businesses that make their heart sing. 

my zone of genius?

giving entrepreneurs their time + brain-space back

If you're not quite ready to bring in ongoing support, or just don't want to, and want to pick my brain and gain tons of clarity in a day instead of weeks or months, I created this offering just for you, and it is 100% customized.

How it works:

1. Think about what you would like to accomplish during you One-Day (or Half-Day) VIP Intensive. Here are some examples of what we can do: 

​New + Existing Business Tech Set Up and Optimization

  • Scheduling Platform Set Up or Optimization

  • GDrive Set Up or Optimization

  • CRM Set Up or Optimization

  • Workflow Creation or Optimization

  • Payment Processor Set Up or Optimization

  • Email Marketing Set Up or Optimization

  • Integration of tech with website or Optimization

  • Project Management Software Set-Up or Optimization

  • Video walkthrough of how to execute the processes that have been set up for you

​Social Media Audit + Edit

  • Social Profile Audit & Comprehensive Editing Checklist

  • Content Audit & Strategy Guide

  • Expert consultation around how to make this process more consistent, easier to create and better to attract your ideal clients

  • Video walkthrough of how to execute the process that has been set up for you

A totally custom combination!

​Whatever you need set-up, consulting on, or strategy around - I would love to create a custom proposal for what I can accomplish for you in just one day.

In a normal full day VIP Intensive I can do between 2-3 setups, depending on your specific business needs

Here's a few examples of what our day could look like:
  • An admin overhaul - we'll discover the parts of your business that could be done WAY more easily, and take those things that happen just because they have to in order for your business to run, but you really friggin hate and wish you didn't have to spend time on while you could be doing something much more fun inside your business.
  • Finding the right CRM/Email Marketing system that is best for you and setting up a few high-converting automated sequences.
  • Auditing all of your social media platforms and finishing with optimized profiles and an action plan that aligns with your business goals, timeline, and capacity.

2. Fill out this application to let me know your ideas, goals, and timeline.

3. We schedule and complete our Strategy Call, where we will get solid on our game plan and what we will accomplish during our VIP day together. 

4. Leading up to our VIP day, I will provide you with a checklist of materials that I will need, and you will compile them in a shared Google Drive folder.

5. Our day finally arrives! We will have a kick-off call in the morning to discuss how the day will go, and in the evening you will receive video walk-throughs and explanations of all your shiny new systems, databases, audits, suggestions, etc. 


So how much will this VIP Intensive cost?

Full-Day VIP Intensives are $797 and include your proposal/consultation, our Strategy Call, Kick-Off Call, 3 Working Hours in the morning, 3 Hours in the afternoon, and video walkthroughs of all your deliverables in your inbox that evening.


Half-Day VIP Intensives are $497 and include all of the above, minus the 3 Working Hours in the afternoon. 

What if one Full-Day is not enough to accomplish my goals?

If you would like to add-on an additional day or half-day, you will get 20% off the price of the additional session. Must be booked at the same time as the initial session. 

I'm TOTALLY underwater and don't really know what I need or what will make my business run smoothly so I can spend more time doing what I love instead of buried in my back-office!

I FEEL YOU! I've seen the back-end of SO many business and therefore, have tried everything. Let's pick a time to chat (you can schedule a time with me right here), and we'll explore what the snags in your business are and what we can do to banish them


Let's get started!

Still have questions?

I would love to know your thoughts!

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